From an Organic Land in the Heart of Italy to the rest of the World

Dolce Cilento produces Medal Winner Premium Italian Liqueurs such as Meloncello, Limoncello and Watermeloncello as well as Italian Cream Liqueurs such as Cream Meloncello, Cream Nocciole Hazelnut, Cream Pistachio and Cream Limoncello.

Dolce Cilento has won 15 Medals in the International Spirits Competitions including Best Limoncello of the year and praised by Forbes Magazine and BBC Good Food as top Limoncello to sip with 10/10 ratings.

Dolce Cilento products are sold in Europe, North America and soon will be available in Middle-East and Asia. We have Distributors and Sales points in The USA, United Kingdom, France, Netherland, Italy, Estonia, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, and with Amazon we reach most European cities in the EU.

Dolce Cilento is located in Italy in the Campania regions, stands in a lovely hamlet dating back to the year 1000, in the heart of the National Park of Cilento near Amalfi Coast. Cilento is an area rich in history and art with ancient towns such as Paestum and Velia and is surrounded by the deep blue Mediterranean with such wonderful resorts as Palinuro. 

Dolce Cilento choses this region because the lands are very fertile and can produce extremely high quality fruits.

Our Organic Amalfitano Lemons are considered the best lemons in the world because of the land and the climate they grow in.

Dolce Cilento produces liqueurs and Cream liqueurs following a very old and matchless artisanal tradition. We have 80 years of experience in producing Limoncello and fruit liqueur products. We are very proud of our Organic Amalfitano Lemons. We also created other innovative and original liqueurs with melon, watermelon, hazelnut and pistachio.

All the fruits are processed within two hours from the pickup to conserve all the flavors and freshness. The peels remain in infusion in pure alcohol at 96° for several weeks. This process allows to conserve all taste and essential oil of the fruit within the products.

Dolce Cilento directly cultivates the fruits for the production of liqueurs, and it’s addressed to an organic production. All the cultivations are controlled by an expert agronomist to guarantee the total absent of chemical products.