Project Description

Double Medal Winne
– Silver Medal
 in Florida Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Competition 2015.
– Bronze Medal with 82 Points (Recommended) in Chicago’s International Review of Spirits 2014

The Watermeloncello Liquor provides you with Watermelon flavour for all season. Watermeloncello is made with the same traditional production under the Italian golden sun. The flavour of Watermelon liquor gives a fresh and sweet taste to your cocktail and brings summer into your glass.

Tasting Note: Salmon pink color. Bright aromas and flavors of watermelon gelato, warm milk, and melon jolly rancher with a supple, bright, off-dry medium body and a smooth, captivating, breezy finish with accents of marshmallow, tapioca, and pepper. A nice mild melon liqueur with a creamy backbone. Source:

Dolce Cilento Watermeloncello is best served chilled, after meals as digestive. It can also be used in Watermeloncello Cocktail recipes, cooking or in salad dressing. Add to Champagne or Prosecco and drop a piece of strawberry in the glass.